1 Product, 1000 Possibilities

    Take Control Of Your Own Digital Ordering System

    Your Brand. Your Customers.


  • 1 Product, 1000 Possibilities

    Improve The Visibility Of Your Restaurant, Attract New Customers

    And Make Them Come Back More Often With Our

    Easy-To-Use-All-in-One Platform.

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    Be More Visible

    Be visible to thousands of customers with a web and mobile site both optimized for Google search. Get direct traffic from search and avoid third-party intervention.

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    Attract More Customers

    Easily turn visitors into customers with a commission-free digital ordering reservation system and professional visual content.

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    Increase Loyalty

    Collect customer details to help you get to know them better. Use emailing and connected social networks to make them come back more often to your restaurant.

  • The All-In-One Digital Ordering & Marketing Platform For Your Restaurant

    A Comprehensive All-In-One Digital Ordering & Reservation System For Restaurants To Increase Online Visibility, Traffic Conversion, & Customer Loyalty.

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    Website, Mobile Site, App

    A professional website and mobile site specifically designed for restaurants

    Did you know?

    9 out of 10 people search for a restaurant online, 50% of which are done on mobile devices.

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    Social Networks

    Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts in one place to save time and optimise the impact you have over your customers

    Did you know?

    Your customers are 7 times more likely to come to your restaurant if they are fans of your Facebook page.

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    Reservations & Digital Ordering

    A simple and commission-free digital ordering reservation system for your restaurant to save time and win over new customers

    Did you know?

    Clients that use our online ordering & reservation system on their website get 3 times more orders & reservations than those who don’t use anything

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    Email Marketing

    Send professional emails and newsletters to your customers to keep them up-to-date and engaged, giving them all the more reason to come back to your restaurant

    Did you know?

    1 out of 6 customers make a online order or reservation after receiving an email from a restaurant

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    Check all the published reviews on your restaurant in one single dashboard

    Did you know?

    Checking the latest reviews published everyday takes an average of 30 minutes

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    The only tool that gives restaurant owners a precise measurement of the ROI of their marketing investment

    Did you know?

    1 out of 6 customers make a order or reservation after receiving an email from a restaurant

  • Take Control Of Your Own

    Digital Ordering System

    No matter how big or small, our online ordering platform has been developed

    to suit many different types of restaurants & food service businesses.

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    Custom Solutions

    Every business is unique so that’s why WizeChef™ can be customized to do what you want it to do!

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    Mobile Friendly

    The WizeChef™ online ordering system is mobile friendly, so customers can order anytime!

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    Franchise Ready

    Multi-Store or Franchise? We can save you a lot of upfront investment and get you to market quickly!

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    POS Integrations

    We are integrated with some of the leading POS systems, and always adding more.

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    Custom Online Ordering Solutions for Independent Businesses and Franchises

    Our ability to customize your system using cutting edge design and technology, results in a tailored online ordering system that is unique to your business.

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    Payments Made Easy

    Don’t wait weeks or months to collect payments from your customers. WizeChef™ allows your customers to pay you instantly! We’re integrated with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and all major credit card suppliers.

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    Take Control of Your Delivery Areas

    Only deliver to half a street? Or half a suburb? No problem. Our latest feature allows you to plot a map in any shape around your store.

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    WizeChef Smart Printer™

    Our proprietary WizeChef Smart Printer™ connects to your wireless network & our GPRS Mobile Data Connection 4G LTE SIM Card and will automatically print orders on thermal paper. You can set it up to ring when orders are received and confirm orders with a push of a button to notify your customers when their food will be ready.

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    WizeChef Smart Kitchen Printer™

    The WizeChef Kitchen Printer™ GPRS-SMS-Wifi With Auto-cutter, Waterproof, Dust Proof, Oil Proof, Digital Order Management, Driver Management, & Kitchen Display All-In-One...

  • How it Works​

    WizeChef™ is an online ordering system that enables you to expand your business and increase sales by attracting online customers who can visit your website and place an order online for pre-order, delivery, or pickup 24 hours/7 days a week.

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  • The WizeChef™ Digital Ordering System empowers you to provide your customers with the ability to order online through your own branded website. You can also control your system by updating it anytime!

    Customers can easily browse your online menu on their desktop or mobile device, and select the items they want to purchase. They even have the ability to customize their order.


    Once the order is complete, the customer can choose their preferred payment method such as paypal, credit card or pay on delivery/pickup. The money is transferred directly to you via your own online merchant account, which means no waiting time before you’re paid.


    The order is then processed and sent to a printer at your store, which will automatically print a docket containing the order details. Then it’s over to you to prepare the order and have it ready for delivery or pickup. It’s that easy!

    Cutting edge technology
    Our cutting-edge technology allows you to seamlessly add e-commerce to your business, so that customers can order online for pickup and delivery, driving sales and expanding your customer reach.


    WizeChef™ has many features that will help you increase efficiency and accuracy when taking orders.


    Online payments, customer database, interactive menus, and reporting are just a few of the features. WizeChef™ will increase your revenue while your customers enjoy the convenience of ordering online.

  • Features & Benefits

    Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors By Offering Your Own Branded Online Order System


    WizeChef provides you with everything you need to let your customers order your product online.


    Features of the WizeChef™ System

    • Accept payments online, COD or in-store (get paid daily!)
    • Add a delivery fee per suburb if required
    • Orders received will automatically print to the printer
    • Display product photos for each menu item
    • Customers can order from mobile, tablet or pc
    • Edit menus, categories and pricing in real time
    • Display your menu and prices online
    • Create special deals i.e. lunch specials or pick-up offers
    • Specify operating hours for online orders
    • Create promotional coupon/discount codes
    • Orders can be pre-ordered for a later date/time if required
    • Charge for extras, such as toppings or fillings
    • Hide unavailable products for pickup/delivery
    • Offer customers the choice of eat-in/pick-up/delivery
    • Setup your delivery zones by suburb
    • Receive backup orders to your email account
    • Display the estimated preparation time for online orders
    • Detailed statistics including daily sales totals and more
    • Setup multiple stores and control them all from one system
    • iPhone and Mobile friendly admin control panel
    • No point of sale system is required


    Customer Management

    • Build a customer database for marketing purposes
    • Get customers to return to your site directly
    • Customers can login to re-order or view past orders
    • Customers are automatically registered after the first order
    • An email confirmation is sent when the order has printed
    • Regular backup of the online ordering system & database
    • 100% managed, hosted and supported in the USA


    The benefits to your business by introducing the WizeChef Digital Ordering System.

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    Get Paid Daily!

    Charge your customers directly using your own online merchant account. WizeChef™ does not process or hold onto your hard earned money.

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    Promote Your Brand

    Why promote third party online ordering websites when you can invest in your own brand? Don’t risk losing customers to your competitors, WizeChef™ is an independent system that runs behind your own brand.

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    Control Your Menu & Settings

    Our online ordering system allows you to easily edit your menu, store settings, categories and pricing which will instantly appear on your website and mobile site.

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    Reporting & Statistics

    Our detailed reports will allow you to view past orders, sales figures, coupon redemptions and even map where your customers are located. WizeChef™ will also send you these statistics weekly. Custom reporting is also available.

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    Handle Busy Periods

    Set cut-off time for pre-orders so that they can be prepared and ready for pickup/delivery within a certain time period. Pause your online ordering when you become too busy in-store.

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    Marketing & Social Media

    Build an effective marketing database, which stores the customers details, email addresses and phone numbers, allowing you to create targeted marketing campaigns. Use Facebook and Twitter to constantly engage with your customers online.

  • The Benefits of WizeChef for your customers that will drive sales and loyalty for your business.

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    Increase Sales & Loyalty

    Customers who order online tend to order more because they have a menu in front of them and because they don’t feel rushed while purchasing, as they often do over the phone.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    Your customers have easy online access, so now they can order at the click of a mouse. Our online ordering system leads to higher retention, therefore increases profit.

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    Office Catering

    Online Ordering provides the perfect solution for office lunch orders. Orders can be collected around the office and one person can enter the orders into your website without the hassle of calling it in.

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    Mobile Friendly

    Your customers can order from anywhere using any smart mobile device, be it iPhone or Android. You can also control your online ordering system through the mobile version of the admin panel.

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    Expand Your Reach

    Reach more customers by having a website and offering an online ordering facility. An online presence and convenience of ordering online will attract more customers.

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    Order Accuracy

    By enabling customers to take control of the order process the accuracy of orders increases, saving you time and money. Orders arrive exactly how your customers want them!

  • Food Delivery Management

    Delivery tracking and fleet management for food delivery restaurants

    Maximize Earnings Per Delivery
    WizeChef™ automates cost reduction and delivery optimization

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    Cutting costs and Maximizing Efficiency

    Minimizing miles on every delivery add up and save fuel costs. Minimizing delivery times ensure your deliveries are never late. With Route Optimization, you can optimize for distance or time and account for traffic, service time, etc. Save up to 40% of time and fuel costs!

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    Customer Experience

    Customers detest late and wrong deliveries. Moreover, reverse logistics is a pain to deal with for your restaurant. We’ll help you minimize delays and errors, so that you can keep your promise of flawless customer experience!

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    Real-time tracking

    Delivering food in the age of smartphones has become much easier with Location-Based Services. Track all your deliveries in real-time and make quick adjustments on a map for a bird’s eye view of the field.

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    Zero Payment Errors

    Eradicate delivery and payment errors. Integrate your POS system with the dashboard for automated payment syncing. Use signatures, images or barcodes for Proof of Delivery.

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    View all your orders from your website, app, facebook and aggregators in one place.

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    Auto-assign deliveries to the most suitable drivers, optimize their delivery routes and track in real time.

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    Keep your customers posted about the status of their order, receive their reviews and ratings upon completion.

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    Spot sources of inefficiency in day-to-day operations, read comprehensive reports and enhance team performance.

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    The WizeChef Ecosystem

    Connect the Delivery Chain through an Intuitive Dashboard and Mobile Apps

    The Dashboard is a powerful centralized control center:

    • Order Management
    • Geo-Optimization
    • Geo-Analytics

    Mobile solution for team managers:

    • Access management console
    • Team management
    • Task management
    • Status overview
    • Agent Details and availability
    • Overview of all recent activities and updates
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    Mobile Apps for you and your Delivery Fleet to operate on-the-go

    • Remote Management
    • Delivery Information Sharing
    • Proof Of Delivery
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    Customer App for orders and feedback

    • Simple Food Ordering
    • Real-Time Tracking For Customers
    • Ratings And Reviews
  • Custom Digital Ordering Solutions

    Every business is unique in some way so why should they have to fit into a standardized online ordering platform?

    Our cutting-edge technology allows you to seamlessly add online ordering to your business, so that customers can pre-order online from a mobile, tablet or pc, for pickup and/or delivery, driving sales and expanding your customer reach.


    We believe our offering is not only the best on the market, but our ability to customize the system around your business means that we also offer you confidence that no matter what type of item you want to sell online or how you want to sell it, WizeChef™ will be able to handle it now and in the future.


    The WizeChef™ System at a Glance

    Cutting-edge technology
    Customizable system to suit your business
    Integratable with your current POS system
    Versatile system to suit many industries
    Compatible with Paypal, Stripe, & Every Major Credit Card Processor
    Developed & Designed in Florida USA
    No two systems are ever the same!



    WizeChef™ Customized to suit your business
    Why couldn’t we have a system that has all the core features, but is still versatile enough to handle different food types, beverages, deals and customization? We do now… WizeChef™ will work around your business instead of you squeezing your business into a cookie-cutter style system.


    Cafe’s, Pizza Shops, Restaurants, Franchises and other QSR’s all want it, but each business is unique so we developed a platform that could service them all in their own unique way.


    Over the years we have invested a lot of time and money into ensuring our online ordering platform is of the highest standard. It has been completely developed & designed by our own in-house developers & developers all over the world. We are able to integrate with your current POS provider or run the system independently.


    WizeChef™ now makes it feasible for businesses to offer a fully branded online ordering platform without the overheads and time of their own development, which helps the business achieve its goals faster with less risk and maximum return on investment.


    Although there are a number of online ordering services in the market place, none of them offer such a highly versatile and well-built system that could do anything our customers require as if it were their own custom built system without the overheads of actually developing their own. That’s right… you can ask for a custom feature and we can develop it for you. No two WizeChef™ systems are ever the same!


  • Our Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a restaurant benefit by outsourcing takeout orders?
    We are able to provide a solution that allows the restaurant to receive more takeout orders, with fewer errors and with a far better service level than restaurants simply doing it themselves, or by employing just online technology. More orders and a much better customer experience lead to more revenue for the restaurant and happier customers. Now, virtually all outsourced online and mobile technology providers in this space make this claim, however there is a major difference when it comes to our technology and services that separates us from the rest of the pack. It starts with our fully integrated takeout solution, supported by our virtual call center staff, which ensures that a phone order is taken correctly by a dedicated, menu-certified and trained “virtual waiter” who is equipped to answer questions and offer suggestions.
    Along with handling phone orders, we also have online and mobile ordering, catering and loyalty solutions, all integrated into one system. So now our clients have a full, end-to-end solution to address all of their “off-premise” opportunities — not just an online/mobile solution that addresses a small part of the overall takeout market. All orders are placed via our order management software that integrates directly into the restaurants’ point-of-sale systems. This also provides the ability to monitor the order volume level of the kitchen and provide a more accurate pick-up time for the customer. Here’s the best part: even if you order online from a computer or mobile device, that order is also processed through our order-management software and is monitored by our call center staff for quality assurance. And if the customer experiences a technological or credit card processing issue, a virtual waiter calls the customer immediately to remedy the issue and works directly with the restaurant kitchen to have it properly fulfilled. No other technology or service provider — online, mobile, whatever — offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution like what we provide.
    The restaurant receives more takeout orders, does not overwhelm their dine-in wait and kitchen staff in the process, fulfills them more accurately, and the customer has a vastly better experience and level of service.
    Customers can place orders via the web on any device. How does that work?
    Essentially, the customer opens the web browser of their choice and visits the restaurant website to place the order via the device of their choice — be it a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device — and places an order. Our online technology is agile enough to recognize what type of device you are using to provide the proper user experience.
    The technology offers more than just ordering. What are some the advanced features for restaurants?
    The three biggest advantages of our services and technology to our restaurant clients are our order management software, our ability to integrate directly to the restaurant systems, and our unique ability to fully integrate all of our services offerings (phone, online and mobile takeout ordering, customer loyalty, and catering) together as one vendor. Prior to WizeChef™, a restaurant would have to employ one technology vendor for online takeout, and another for customer loyalty, and so on. We bring it all together for easy management and support that maximizes the restaurant’s full takeout revenue opportunity, creates a high level of operational efficiency, and bolsters their customer satisfaction.


    How is the advent of new delivery options changing takeout?
    Delivery is probably the biggest buzzword in the industry right now, which is why you see big corporate players like Google, Amazon and Uber getting into the game. What it really boils down to is convenience. More and more people, and especially millennials dine by convenience. Whether that’s using an app to locate a restaurant in the area, make a reservation or order for delivery. The modern takeout customer enjoys options of convenience, and delivery is perhaps the most convenient of all the options. If you think back a decade or two ago, pizza and Chinese cuisine restaurants dominated the space. But now, virtually all forms of restaurants from fast food to fine dining are ramping up their takeout operations which includes delivery.
    Who do you feel is your competition?
    Interesting question because although we are constantly compared to GrubHub and OLO the reality is that we do vastly more than they do. They focus on just the Online and Mobile aspects of takeout, which today account for about 40 percent of the total takeout opportunity. It is very important for restaurant operators to understand that 60 percent of takeout and other off-premise opportunities come in through a phone call. With this said, our fully integrated solutions, supported by our Virtual Call Center, Online and Mobile ordering, combined with the ability to support more complex Catering orders, perform Outbound Business Development services and offer a customized Loyalty platform, allows us to handle 100 percent of the off-premise opportunity – using one system, one database, one partner. There really isn’t a true competitor because we go beyond takeout. It’s the core reason we are different.





    Do I need a Point of Sale System (POS)? No.

    Our online ordering system WizeChef™ has been designed to run independently. If you do have a POS system, depending on the manufacturer we can look at integration if required.


    Do I need an Internet Connection? Yes, you will need access to the internet as this is how the online ordering system receives its orders. However you do not need a contract or hard wired connection with your internet provider. We can assist with the purchase of a pre-paid wireless internet account which is portable and cost effective. Our devices can also take sim cards so that you can access the internet via 3/4G.

    What hardware is required? Nothing more than windows based netbook/PC or an older pc is required. We will provide the printer. We also have an all in one solution that will be shown to you when we demonstrate the system. If you have an existing POS system we can also utilize your existing hardware.

    Do I need an existing website? No, we can speak to you about creating a simple one page website that can link through to the online ordering system. We can also offer you full web design, email and hosting services if required.

    What happens if I already have a website? Fantastic! We can upgrade your existing website if required, or we can customize the online ordering system to look like your existing website. The two websites will be seamlessly linked so that your customers never have to leave your website.

    Can I update the website/ordering system myself? Yes. The WizeChef™ Online ordering system has an easy to use administration area for you to edit everything including your menu and prices, delivery fees, hours, coupon codes and much more. Make sure you visit our features section for more information.

    Can I accept Credit Cards online? Yes, customers can pay using credit card (which ever cards you accept). We offer the option of automatic payment processing (where the money is transferred directly into your account) via your bank or a secure gateway daily. You can also accept COD, PayPal or other payment gateways requested.

    How do I grow my customer database? Easy. Every time a customer places an order through your online ordering system, it will be saved in the database. To retrieve this information, simply login to the administration panel to export the data and notify your customers of special promotions or upcoming events.

    How much would the WizeChef™ system cost? Each and every customer has different needs and requirements. The WizeChef™ online ordering system is a customized solution for each client. Please contact us for an obligation free demonstration and quote.


    How much would the WizeChef™ system cost if we are a restaurant partner? Please contact us for an obligation free demonstration and transaction fee &/or monthly price quote. Which basically means for FREE with no upfront costs or money out of your pocket. Wow!


    Click Here To Apply to become a Restaurant Partner..

  • WizeChef Platform

    Driving Recurring Sales

    WizeChef™ provides a cloud-based commerce platform to quick-serve and casual-dining restaurants that enables customers to order and pay from a desktop computer or mobile phone.

    Ready for Digital & Mobile Ordering?  WizeChef™ offers an online ordering platform to Quick Service Restaurants of any size. Whether you have a one, handful of stores or thousands, our platform can be configured and tailored to your needs. Engage your customers, guide them through the purchase experience, and provide excellent service as you offer your guests a convenient way to interact with your brand from any device – letting them order and pay before they arrive to pick up.


    WizeChef Platform Includes:

    • Website with multiple templates
    • Mobile site
    • Online Ordering
    • Delivery System & Customer Facing Technology
    • Inventory Management & Food Cost Savings
    • Restaurant published on +10 directories
    • Multi-posting on social networks
    • E-reputation dashboard
    • Unlimited Support 24/7
    • Individual training
    • Full setup and content integration by our team
    • Digital Ordering & Reservation engine on web & mobile sites
    • Digital Ordering & Reservation engine on Facebook page
    • Full Reservation management system
    • Digital Orders & Reservation notifications by Email / SMS
    • Customer database management
    • Automatic collection of verified reviews
    • Unlimited Emailing
    • Detailed analytics
    • & Much More...
  • WizeChefprovides online ordering solutions for the following industries:

    **WizeChef™ for Restaurants, QSR's, Bakeries, Cafe's, Clubs, Bistros, Food Trucks...


    Online ordering helps you make front of house more efficient by improving your backend systems. The restaurant trade continues to be challenged by price pressure and escalating operating costs. Online ordering with WizeChef™ helps restaurateurs to improve order management which frees them to spend more time on menu planning and house management in order to attract and retain customers.


    WizeChef™ for restaurants helps restaurateurs to:

    • Pay no commissions with WizeChef™
    • Accept payments online, COD or in-store (get paid daily!)
    • Gain full control over your own online business
    • Enable customers to order and pay ahead
    • Provide customers with the option of pre-ordering meals
    • Add surcharges for extras such as toppings or fillings in burgers and sandwiches
    • Quickly create and change specials
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Cross-sell/upsell menu items and offer office catering
    • Easily update your menus, at any time
    • No forced discounts

    Unique Features for Restaurants

    Get paid daily. All orders get paid directly to you so you don't have to wait to receive your customers payments. All orders are processed via your own online merchant account.



    **WizeChef™​ for Franchises


    Online ordering helps you build your franchise business by improving franchisee efficiency

    Franchisers must ensure their operations run in the most efficient manner possible in order to maintain and build profitability. Online ordering with WizeChef™ helps franchisees to become more profitable adding to the bottom line for franchise owners. By automating time-consuming order management, franchisers can spend more time to plan and select quality franchisees and to improve retention through greater engagement with their franchisees.


    WizeChef™ for Franchises helps franchisers to:

    • Take control of your online ordering system
    • Manage multiple locations from one admin panel
    • Integrate Point of Sale (POS)
    • Set different prices and specials for different locations
    • Create promotional codes, different for each location if required
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Total flexibility for multiple locations
    • Have total flexibility to make the system do what your business needs
    • Build custom designed systems to help you stand out from the crowd
    • Add custom functionality
    • We can develop custom reporting
    • Custom Apps can be designed and built

    Unique Features for Franchises

    Upsells made easy. Prompt your customers to purchase more by offering them easy adds ons. Soft drink? Meal deals? Dessert? We Got It All..



    **WizeChef™ for Hotels, Resorts, Motels & Serviced apartments


    Online ordering helps you improve efficiencies to improve your bottom line

    Motels and service apartment operators have been hurt by a downturn in domestic tourism and increased competition from other forms of accommodation. Operators must continue to improve order management to thrive.


    Online ordering with WizeChef™ helps motels & serviced apartment operators to:

    • Offer online ordering direct to customers’ rooms
    • Enable customers to order and pay ahead
    • Eliminate time-consuming phone orders
    • Receive online payments directly into your bank account
    • Create specials
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing

    Unique Features for Motels/Services Apartments

    Allow your guests the option to pre-order ahead of time and then deliver directly to their room. Now that's service!



    **WizeChef™​ for Sporting Venues


    Online ordering delivers helps venues succeed in a competitive market

    Increased competition for the consumer entertainment dollar from the tv and internet has created a challenging environment for sporting venues. Unfortunately as attendance declines ticket sales must increase which in turn creates a disincentive for future sales. As a result owners must find ways to improve their order management so they can free up time to secure and maintain the all-important sponsorships and promotions required to stay in business.


    WizeChef™​ for Sporting Venues helps operators to improve to:

    • Allow spectators to order from their seat from any mobile device or tablet
    • Reduce waiting times in queues
    • Allow customers to order and pay ahead
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Unique Features for sporting clubs / stadiums
    • Manage the rush at half time.
    • Improve your order handling - know what orders are coming in and when they're ready for pick up.

    Unique Features for sporting clubs / stadiums

    Get a handle on the mad rush at half time. Manage your orders ahead of time knowing what orders are coming in and know when they're ready for pick up.



    **WizeChef™ for Grocers


    Serve your customers faster, and stay ahead of your competition by offering online ordering. To stay viable against the major supermarkets, independent grocers need the technology to keep up with customer expectations. Now you can stay ahead of the supermarkets with an online ordering system that helps you grow your business through improved order management.


    Online ordering with WizeChef™ helps grocers to:

    • Enable customer to order online and pay ahead including pre-ordering
    • Gain full control over your own online business
    • Create daily or weekly specials
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Offer your customers the convenience of pick-up or even delivery!
    • Receive online payments directly into your bank account

    Unique Features for Grocers

    Daily Specials? Easy. Give your customer the choice of taking advantage of your in-store specials, be it daily, weekly or seasonally.



    **WizeChef™ for Butchers


    Online ordering improves your customer service levels to help you compete with the majors. To stay viable against the major supermarkets, independent butchers need to be smart business people as well as skilled butchers. Now you can stay ahead of the big guys with an online ordering system that helps you grow your business through improved order management.


    Online ordering with WizeChef™​ helps butchers to:

    • Improve customer service levels
    • Cut administration time to free you up for custom butchery tasks and the all-important interpersonal contact with walk-in customers
    • Build order volumes through automatic printing of orders
    • Take pre-orders leading up to peak sale periods e.g Easter and Christmas
    • Receive online payments directly into your bank account
    • Allow for pick up or delivery
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Plan your staff time more efficiently knowing what orders you have on hand at any time
    • Add specials
    • Create promotional discount codes

    Unique Features for butcher shops

    Customize your site exactly how you want it. Sell meat by the quarter pound, half pound or full pound. Specify the cut, the shape, and size. The options are endless.



    **WizeChef™ for Seafood Retailers


    Online ordering helps you stay ahead of competition with improved order management

    Ecological factors and fishing restrictions continue to push up the pound price of seafood for consumers, reducing the profitability of seafood retailers. To succeed, retailers must provide value-add to their walk-in customers. Online ordering with WizeChef™ helps seafood retailers to improve internal efficiencies freeing them to spend more face-to-face time with their customers and provide innovative product offerings to customers.


    WizeChef™ allows seafood retailers to:

    • Print orders automatically as soon as they are received
    • Take pre-orders leading up to peak sale periods e.g Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve
    • Receive online payments directly into your bank account
    • Offer customers the option of pick up or delivery at time of order
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Prepare your seafood orders for pickup which frees up staff to serve walk-in customers.
    • Add specials
    • Create promotional discount codes
    • Easily add new product line such as hot, cooked seafood

    Unique Features for Seafood Shop

    As a supplier, offer your regular customers the option to be pay on account or pay C.O.D.



    **WizeChef™ for Food Courts, Food Trucks, Airports, & Amusement Parks


    Online ordering helps food courts thrive. Operators of Food Courts enjoy many benefits due to captive audience in a small location. However, with that comes the challenge of competition. Operators must improve their order management to help them stand out from the crowd.


    WizeChef™ for Food Courts helps operators to:

    • Take control of your online ordering system
    • Manage multiple locations from one admin panel
    • Integrate Point of Sale (POS)
    • Set different prices and specials for different locations
    • Create promotional codes, different for each location if required
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Total flexibility for multiple locations

    WizeChef™ for Food Courts features:

    • Total flexibility to make the system do what your business needs
    • Custom designed systems to help you stand out from the crowd
    • Custom functionality can be developed on top of our online ordering system
    • Custom reporting can be built
    • Custom Apps can be designed and built

    Unique features for food courts

    Get more customers eating at your food court. List all your stores on one easy online ordering system, giving customers more choices at your center.




    **WizeChef™​ for Country Clubs, Private & Community Clubs, & Bistros


    Online ordering helps you plan for future success Licensed clubs and bistros must face the challenges posed by an uncertain economy and regulatory costs to remain profitable. Online ordering with WizeChef™ helps operators of clubs and bistros to improve order management which frees them to spend more time on long-term business planning and marketing.


    WizeChef™ for Clubs & Bistros helps Country Clubs, Private Clubs, Community Clubs and Bistros to:

    • Reduce queues by allowing customers to pre-order from a tablet or mobile phone
    • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
    • Easily update and manage your menu online

    Unique Features for Clubs and Bistros

    No more missed game play for your members. Diminish long lines in your eateries. WizeChef™ streamlines the food ordering process in Country Clubs, Private Clubs, Community Clubs and Bistros.

  • WizeChef Marketplace™

    To Unify Restaurant Tech & Services​

    Life in the restaurant is easier when everything works together. That’s why we’re launching WizeChef Marketplace™ to unify restaurant solutions.


    Restaurants rely on a variety of technologies to run their business. But what happens when these solutions don’t talk to each other? Painful workarounds and lost time.


    We want your restaurant to run as seamlessly as possible — that’s why we are introducing WizeChef Marketplace™.


    WizeChef Marketplace™ is the one-stop shop for connecting pre-integrated partner solutions with our Restaurant Digital Ordering & Management Platform™. The WizeChef Marketplace™ is a network of more than 85 technology & service partners covering a wide array of services - from payment processors, POS, marketing, digital marketing, payroll, loyalty, gift cards, customer engagement, kiosks, kitchen display technology, analytics to artificial intelligence, insurance, food suppliers, restaurant equipment, food costing, capital, financing, accounting to inventory management and employee scheduling. WizeChef Marketplace™ connects them all, directly into a single platform.


    WizeChef Marketplace™ supports the tools and technologies that restaurateurs need but have traditionally struggled to connect. These services include inventory management, scheduling, labor compliance, accounting, beverage management, gift cards, payroll, PCI compliance and even raising capital for expansion.


    Our goal with WizeChef Marketplace™ is to make the lives of restaurateurs easier, smarter and give them the time back to focus on hospitality. We’re eager to share WizeChef Marketplace™ with you, and to grow the marketplace to meet even more of our restaurant partners’ needs.